Entrepreneurship Cell

 “A New face to Employment”

With the rapid growth of Indian economy and the strength of private corporate sector in India, it is the best place in the world to walk on entrepreneurship tread. India has all the right ingredients ranging from funding, Private Equity (PE) players, Venture Capital (VC) circle and Mentors.

Acropolis Technical Campus understands the significance of Entrepreneurship besides the employment opportunities for the students. Hence the development of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) is required to heighten and encourage the traditions of “Creating Jobs” V/s “Doing Jobs”. Moreover to provide the safe, secure and protected environment within campus, EDC will provide all the necessary support to the students who want to start their outfit. Acropolis Technical Campus will call their bright stars as “Tech-preneurs”.

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  1. The objective of EDC is to throw light into the opportunities of entrepreneurship and to nurture the passion for creativity and innovation among the students.
  2. To foster innovation and create an entrepreneurial culture in the institution.
  3. To provide services including information and guidance to budding entrepreneurs.
  4. To promote linkages with Industries and other organizations that is engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises
  5. To create an environment conducive to self employment and entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programs for the students, Conducting FDP for the faculty members.
  6. To create student venture mentoring unit.

  1. FDP on Entrepreneurship: Faculty development programmes to be held on campus in association with NEN.  Faculty will be nominated and trained from each department of the institute and to work under the central EDC Cell.  Training will focus on basic entrepreneurship skills including how to come up with innovative business ideas, converting them in to potential opportunities and later on in to a workable business plan.
  2. Entrepreneurship Awareness Program (EAP) for the students:  A calendar has been prepared to ensure that there is at least one activity every month.  The student entrepreneurship team is already is place and has planned activities including entrepreneur movie screening, role plays, entrepreneur video contest, entrepreneurship quiz and other exercises.
  3. For students with high interest and potential a ‘Campus company’ plan will be floated.  Students will invite to submit plans to run a company on campus.  The best plan will be given infrastructural support from the campus and financial aid to start operations.
  4. The student venture mentoring unit will invite student entrepreneurs to submit their plans and will connect them to external entrepreneurs for mentoring support.
  5. Trained faculty to work with small scale entrepreneurs to help scale up their business.  There will be regular sessions organized at the institute for them to come and have meetings and get inputs for their venture.

  1. Entrepreneurship development program in collaboration with MSME(Micro Small and Medium Enterprises run by central Govt. of India) had been organized from 1st February 2012 to 11th February 2012 at Acropolis Technical Campus. It was a certificate program and Following is the list of speakers for the above mentioned program.
  2. Three day entrepreneurship awareness camp was organized for B.E & MBA program at Acropolis Technical Campus in collaboration with MPCON(MPCON promotes entrepreneurship in the state of M.P & Chhattisgarh and provides need based consultancy services including Consultancy on IT, Environment & Energy Projects, Rehabilitation Studies for Sick Units, Consultancy on Agro-based & Food processing industries. Promoters of MPCON are IFCI, SIDBI, ICICI Bank, MPFC and others) The program was organized on 19th – 21st April 2012. Speakers were Prof. Dipesh Agrawal, Prof. Gopal Singh Jadhav, Prof Tapan Jain & Prof. Mahesh Pophaley.
  3. Students of B.E & MBA has been sent to attend a one day program “Role of Entrepreneurs in Indian Economy” It was held at Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research in collaboration with NENon February 27th  The chief guest of this function was Mr. Sanjeev Bikchandani, Founder, naukri.com.  He stressed upon the need for more entrepreneurs in India, various opportunities opening up and also challenges which one must be aware when entering in entrepreneurship.
  4. Acropolis technical campus has sponsored ten students of B.E & MBA to attend a two day ‘student leadership’ program conducted by NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network). It was held at Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research in collaboration with September 14-15th The programme taught students how to become effective entrepreneurship cell leaders on campus, different activities that could conducted and event management skills.
  5. The institute actively promotes participation of its students in various networking events with specific focus on entrepreneurship.  Eight students of Acropolis Technical Campus have participated in Tata First Dot workshop organized by NEN held on October 6th2012 At IIST, Indore.  This is a premier event which provides a national platform to budding entrepreneurs.  The entrepreneurs get to show case their products/talent and an opportunity to be a part of exclusive top 25 round table entrepreneurs of the year. Sunny Bhawsar has been selected for the final competition.
  6. Organized one day Kick starting program in collaboration with NEN. Speaker was Marlina Ramchandar from NEN on 14thAugust 2012. Following objectives have been achieved.
  • Inspire faculty members to become entrepreneurship educators
  • Initiate participants as members of the NEN community and connect with colleagues in your city
  • Equip participants to run programs that generate student interest in entrepreneurship
  • Help faculty members begin to visualize their fully-developed entrepreneurial campus, and their path


An Intensive Workshop on Customer Value Proposition by Mr. Raj Shankar – NEN along with IEN presents a hands-on interactive workshop for startups at Acropolis Group – INDORE ENTREPRENEUR WORKSHOP.


The ED Cell of Acropolis Institute is looked after by the trained faculties. The Members of the Cell are:

Acropolis Group – Entrepreneurship Cell
S.No. Name Designation Tel. No. Email ID
1 Prof. Atul N Bharat Chairperson – Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation 0731-4730022 (O), 9893540400 (M) atul@acropolis.in
2 Ms. Anupama Modi Group Head – Entrepreneurship Cell 0731-4730129 (O), 9755558877 (M) ecell@acropolis.in
3 Dr. Deepti Verma Faculty Leader – Acropolis Technical Campus 0731-2581025 (O) dr.deepti.atc@acropolis.in
4 Mrs. Purvee Mishra Joshi Group Coordinator- Intellectual Property Protection Cell 0731-4730021 (O), 9893380448 (M) purveemishra@acropolis.in