BBA (Acropolis Technical Campus, Indore)


Bachelor of Business Administration is a degree course designed to impart strong foundations in business fundamentals, applied knowledge in active market and real-world enterprise scenario. The course focuses on general studies for the initial part, gradually specializing in the business aspect of choice. The business aspects include a wide ambit view of several sub-streams like marketing, finance, management, entrepreneurship, international business, resource management etc.

Basic Composition

At the root level, a BBA degree equips students to run empirical study on a real world business scenario and devise a way to optimize the return on investment (ROI), arrive at smart business conclusions and put forward business strategies to maximize the business model for both yield and resource utilization. BBA courses can, depending on your specialization, approach the business understanding either at micro or at macro level. Other components include introduction to economic principles, global marketplace, accounting, finance, quantitative analysis, team building and leadership, and decision making tasks.

Lately the global market has placed plenty of value on specialized business administration skills related to tourism and hospitality industries, media, advertising and public relations, operational management and legal management. Healthcare management is another area growing rapidly with the influx of “big data” promising rapid streamlining of redundant information to actionable insights. All these specializations make management of information and business strategies a highly lucrative vocation.

Pre Requisites

Business administration may have prior requirements like a standard level of language understanding (English), communication course (including, but not limited to group discussion, peer evaluation, public speaking etc.), cultural studies and psychology. Hence they refine the requirements to include science, mathematics (calculus, statistics) and empirical study as well. All these pre-requisites help a student hit the ground running as the core concepts of business study involves frequent references, live communication with business models and prospective clients/ employers, analysis of accounts and finances and empirical data collection.

    • BBA often involves teachers who are active professionals, working as business consultants, business analysts, project managers, brand managers or financial officers in enterprise positions. This allows them to simulate real life scenarios and equip the students with experience to face actual workplace situations.
    • Regional industries are often roped in as partners to design empirical tests for the curriculum. It helps both students (who gain from the realistic exposure) and the industries (who can pick interns and future employees based on the demonstrated ability to tackle business cases).