Applied Science Facilities

Applied Science & Humanities Department is a part of engineering program and its courses are compulsory subjects for all the streams in first year. It aims to advance knowledge through revising and learning basics and application of the already gained knowledge to solve the practical problems and engineering skills to add fundamental scientific investigations.

Our Mission

Applied Science & Humanities Department is committed to train the students to make them motivated and dedicated engineers. It consists of following four sub-departments:

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Engineering Physics
  • English

Engineering Mathematics Department:

Engineering Mathematics Department has a centralized focus on increasing student’s mathematical skills, which helps them to be competent enough in the realm of Engineering. To achieve this mission, the department constantly works to incorporate in its students a zeal for pursuing research in basic sciences as well as in interdisciplinary areas of science, engineering and technology.

Engineering Chemistry Department:

The vision of the Department is to provide a platform to the undergraduates for exploring and inventing new possibilities in the field of chemical sciences. The faculty members of the department are extremely well qualified and motivated with a firm commitment for obtaining excellence in the area of modern education.

Engineering Physics Department:

The Physics Department aims to educate the students by giving them a blend of knowledge of fundamentals and applied physics. The Department has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for the better understanding of the subject. The mission of the Department is to awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical physics.

English Department:

The vision of English Department is to provide rigorous training to the students for the attainment of content knowledge, soft skills and professional demeanor. The mission of the Department is to share the basics of English language with undergraduate students in lieu of multicultural, multiethnic global society in the era of rife competition. The Department works day in and day out for turning the students into befitting professionals.