The Alumni Association is an indispensable part of every institute as it is the reflection of the success stories of its students. We, at Acropolis Technical Campus also offer different opportunities to our alumni to get actively involved and closely tied up with the institute. Here, we felicitate our alumni for their outstanding achievements as well as encourage them to be more involved in the institute by mentoring and providing career guidance to the current students of the program. Even to strengthen the bond of frequent communication and to build strong interpersonal relationships between the institute and its alumni, we provide them an opportunity to keep in touch with their peers, donate directly for various programs, and become a foundation stone in the growth of the Institute.

In addition, this group also supports new alumni, and acts as an aid in developing new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background via accessing forum. Acropolis Alumni Association organizes an alumni meet on yearly basis. The tradition started from the very first batch (2009-2013), which was given warm welcome by the second batch (2010-04). This tradition is still followed by all the batches for their passed out seniors. It is mostly organized in the month of December and all the faculty members and staff members get actively involved in it.